Mid-Power Rockets: Those models that can fly on Estes "D" size engines.

The sole purpose of Dyna-Star is to create an exciting mix of mid-power rockets. By mid-power, we are talking about rockets that use D, E, and F size rocket motors. Dyna-Star will not attempt to enter the low powered nor high powered rocketry markets. There is already ample selection of rockets in those areas of rocketry.

Most mid-powered rockets of today are either beefed up small rockets, or heavy-duty large rockets that have been miniaturized. There aren’t too many rockets that have been specifically designed to fly on D, E, or F size motors. That is the goal of DynaStar. It will specifically limit itself to these size rockets.

"Don't Think Of Us As The Best New Rocketry Company In The Last 15 Years...
Think Of Us As Aerial Excitement in Motion!"